Monday, January 5, 2015

You Know Who You Are #1


A grand piano in the hallway gives me mild rush as I spend hours by it's side,
I always leave knowing I will return and feel the same way all over again.
I tell myself that you introduced me to music in a way that was refreshing.
On some days I pick up a Gosh perfume in a random supermarket alley, for I am sure that the gorgeous fragrance will make me happy.
I still haven't found it but I will keep looking, you know how I hate giving up.
Do you know that it was you who taught me about perseverance?

Vivid memories of a dusty classroom with yellow mid-afternoon sunlight creeping in through the windows,
Of loud infectious laughter and the reassuring blink of your eyes.
The smell of warm sweat as you hi-fived me after a match , it always made me wish I could play a sport half as well as you.
Of times when SMS was so cheap I could type with my eyes half shut,
Of days when chocachillo and cheesy pizza were the highlights of our day,
Surely, our friendship has weathered a myriad of seasons.

Your moments of deep sarcasm balanced my heightened emotion so well,
Your tender caring soothed me through troubled days,
You made me forget about my troubled past and the fears of tomorrow.
I remember your long strides on the tarmac as I often watched you draw closer,
Your sleeve that was sometimes soiled by my muffling,
Yet you always reminded me of solutions and of beautiful days.
Today I return to fond memories that are mine to keep forever,
Only to realize that I still haven't found a hand that fits mine as perfectly as yours did.

Some people believe that honesty has a heavy price to pay - yet you proved how easy it was to tell you the raw truth every single time,
No matter how tangled the reality , you would look at me just the same.
I sometimes turn to the first leaf of my bible , it is the only scrawl I have left of you.
I then well up as I am right now.
And smile shortly after because I know I wouldn't change a thing.

I am no poet or artist but you make me want to be one, as I wonder how lame this sounds to a stranger.
So I pick a song from that first CD you gifted me, and I share it with the stranger as I run out of things to say.
I am sure there was more I thought of when I walked back from school yesterday,
And I wish it was as simple as telling you my stories.

Absolutely - Nine Days
I hope you know who you are.